Feb 02, 2018
Watering Your Stock

You water is one of your greatest assets on your property and needs to be managed and maintained. The best way you can maintain, manage and ensure your stock water is to have reliable and accurate information on your water supplies. You will need to know where the water is, the amount of water available and the quality of the water is also very important.

Once you are satisfied with your water supply, we have created a quick calculator as a guideline to how much water your stock will require in both summer and winter. We hope that this will help you to be able to quickly be able to assess your water requirements. Please note however this is only a guideline and your local conditions should be taken into consideration ie. for our drier parts of Australia add more, for our wetter parts take a bit off.
If you would like a copy of the calculator please email shari@bwsolar.com.au and we will happily send it to you :)