Jul 10, 2013

BW Solar has provided a WATERBOY solar-powered pumping system for a small water supply network improving access to drinking water to over one thousand inhabitants of Pouni Nord, a small village in Burkina Faso. Australian Junior Explorer Middle Island Resources and the Australian Government provided funds for the project, and collaborated with NGO Eau Vive who implemented the system and provided locals with appropriate training to make the project a successful partnership with the community.
With more than 5,000 inhabitants, the village has only 11 functioning hand pumps. The chore of collecting water falls to women and girls, who must pump the water they need and carry it back home, after queuing for their turn.
The new water system supplies nine public taps and three institutional connections (the school, the health centre and the community centre). The solar pumping system easily fills the two 5000 litre tanks each day.
Margo Bazié, one of the village municipal councillors, is grateful for the new system telling us that “before we had to pump for water each day and it was very tiring, now we just have to turn on the tap! We thank our Australian friends very much for their support!”