Nov 29, 2017

Solar submersible pump sizing is something we take very seriously here at Waterboy. Getting you the right pump for the right purpose is essential for you to get the best results and satisfaction.

Here is a quick guideline of things to consider and questions to answer to get the right Waterboy for you!

1.  Water - How, Where, What, Why and How Much?

Firstly, you need to know where the water is coming from and how much water your source can yield. If you are pumping from a dam it is pretty easy to see as it is a surface supply. A bore or well can be more difficult, however it is important to know the natural water level (static), total bore depth and the draw down level (the water level while pumping).A professional driller can give you a report if you are unsure.

2.  How much water do you need?

Secondly, your next consideration is how much water you will need. Are you watering your garden or providing water for your livestock? How much water will you need in the peak of summer and also in the middle of winter. 

3.  Where will the water go?

The next thing to consider is to know where the water will be pumped to and how it will be stored. Usually this is a simple answer, being a bore or dam pumping to a tank, knowing the tank size and amount of water you need will make sure you get this one right.

4.  How is the water delivered?

You will need to know the size of your pipe, how far the water will need to pumped to the destination and what the terrain is like to get it there. A long pumping distance, a small pipe size and an elevated rise are all factors that effect the capabilities of your Waterboy pump and vital factors in sizing the Waterboy solution for you. We recommend that pumps are best connected to pipe that is 1 1/2" to 2" inch pipe to minimise the friction loss.

If you head to our website we have a Total Dynamic Head calculator which will help you calculate what you need the Waterboy calculator

We hope this helps you get on your Waterboy way :)