BW Solar warrants that, subject to the limitations outlined below, the product will, with normal use, and within the original operating specifications, be free from faulty parts, manufacture or workmanship during the warranty periods relevant to the products stated below


Waterboy Solar Water Pump Range - no more than 24 months

• All other Products, including actuators, A/C water pumps, array frames and controllers          - no more than 12 months






1. Warranty Limitations


This warranty is limited to the quality and performance of the products provided, BW Solar shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for damages or injury to persons or property, initial or consequential, or for any other losses (including lost profits) resulting from any cause whatsoever arising out of or relating to the installation or commissioning of any product sold.

This warranty does not cover products altered or modified in ANY WAY not authorized in writing by BW Solar.


2. Warranty Performance

This limited warranty is applicable only to Customers who have purchased the above products directly from BW Solar or from an authorized agent of BW Solar. To qualify for this warranty adequate documentation must be presented to prove that the product was purchased from BW Solar or their authorized Agent.

For any claims relating to the WATERBOY range, a SYSTEM REPORT FORM must be returned to BW Solar within 1 Month of the products installation, failure to do so will void this warranty.

Returned products shall become the property of BW Solar. BW Solar shall have the right to deliver a different type of product (performing to the same or better operational functionality as the returned product) if an identical replacement is deemed no longer available or suitable.

All wearing parts of the Pump that are in contact with the pumped liquid, such as rotor, stator, impeller, guide wheel, valves, vanes, bearings, seals etc., are not covered by this warranty. BW Solar Pumps are designed for pumping water potable for humans and animals, not containing solid or long fibred particles larger than sand grains. Max sand content: 50 g/m3, max salt content: 300-500 ppm at max. 30° C. Defects due to pumping other liquids are not covered by this warranty.


Negative head on the pressure side of any BW Solar submersible pump will void warranty of pump and motor. Pumps with a centrifugal pump end require a minimum positive head as specified in the product information sheets.

Any alteration, damaging, removal, or other changes leaving the serial number or identification plate illegible or obscuring the identity and date of production of the product, will void this warranty.

If product has been modified, remanufactured or tampered with in any way the claim will be rejected and sent back at the customer’s / Agents expense. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


3. Costs

 All costs incurred in obtaining warranty are the responsibility of the customer or Agent, including but not limited to, shipping and handling, travel expense, lost time, lost production, or pickup and delivery and return shipment.


4. Agents Responsibility

•The Agent must supply their customer with all documentation relating to installation and warranty and, if installing, must complete and submit the SYSTEM REPORT FORM on behalf of their customer.

•The Agent shall maintain a sufficient inventory of replacement parts to promptly satisfy their after sales service and customer needs.

•The Agent is responsible for any warranty requirements of their customers.

•The Agent must not make any unauthorized modifications or alterations to the product.

•The Agent may not make any warranties on behalf of BW Solar which have not been authorized in writing.


5. Validity

This limited warranty shall be valid from 1 December 2013 and shall apply to the above mentioned BW Solar Products sold to the Customer or Agent from this date, replacing and making void all previous warranties issued by BW Solar.




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